Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wisconsin Update

I got a call from my friend Chris Townsend, National Political Director for the United Electrical Workers(UE), who has spent the last several days on the ground in Wisconsin.  He informed me that he counted at least 37 national unions being represented in Madison.    Townsend also mentioned that what struck him was the amazing sense of solidarity between groups that you wouldn't normally expect.  Seniors and young people, and thousands of Wisconsin citizens who are not seasoned activists who have shown up to unmask what this really is - an attack on the right of workers to collectively bargain in the workplace.

AFSCME has agreed to the concessions Walker has asked for, but he doesn't care about that.  It was never about a budget gap - which Walker created purposely to bust up the union - it was always about taking away the collective bargaining rights.  The citizens of Wisconsin have realized that, which is why they are coming by the thousands to fight this thing.

Here are a few pictures from Madison:

In Solidarity,


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