Friday, February 18, 2011

Why Wisconsin and Ohio Matter for All Workers

The ongoing events in Wisconsin and Ohio involving the attempts to roll back workers' rights for public employees should have the attention of all workers, public and private.  Why does this matter for those of us who either work in the private sector, or don't live in one of the aforementioned states?  This matters because if Gov. Walker in Wisconsin, and Gov. Kasich in Ohio are successful in nullifying decades of workers' rights, every other union busting, tea bagging, right-wing governor will be right behind them.

For those who are in the private sector, and think this doesn't have any importance to them, consider this:

If the collective bargaining rights are done away with in the public sector, which is much more organized than the private sector, how long do you think it will be before they come to take away your rights?

For my friends in the labor movement, especially my fellow young workers who have talked about being ready to fight, old-school union style:

The time is now!

If you are anywhere close to Wisconsin or Madison, I urge you to go join the protests.  There isn't a better opportunity or cause to get behind right now.

In Solidarity,


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