Want To Reform Your Union?

If you are a member who feels like your union could use a little more democracy, and a lot less bureaucracy, then you've come to the right place!

The Virtual Picket Line is happy to assist rank and file members with internal labor issues such as:

1. How To Run And Win A Local Union Election As A Reform Candidate -  In many unions, internal elections are administered, and decided by the very officials who are up for re-election.  This is why it can be very hard to run for an elected position in your union and win.  If you are dedicated and want some assistance in a real effort to win, email me at unionanswers@gmail.com.

2. How To Submit Changes To Your Union's Bylaws To Bring More Accountability And Democracy - One of the best ways to keep your leaders accountable, or to rein in bad leadership, is to submit changes to your union's constitution.  This can range from an amendment subjecting all elected leadership to immediate recall by membership, to a simple amendment requiring that there are a certain amount of internal staff for a certain amount of members. If you would like specific advise on your union's constitution or the requirements for submitting amendments to your bylaws, please email me at unionanswers@gmail.com.

3. How To Investigate Your Union's Finances To Keep Your Leaders Honest - Want to rein in wasted members' dues money?  I can show you how to dig into LM statements that your union is required to file with the Department of Labor.  This information can tell you many things, from whether your president is being overpaid or double paid, to what your union is spending money on.  For more assistance, please email me at unionanswers@gmail.com

4. Where To Turn If Your Bargaining Unit Is Looking For Better Representation Than What You Are Getting From Your Current Union - No one likes to admit it, but there are times when your union has become so undemocratic, that it becomes necessary for your bargaining unit to seek out better representation.  If you find yourself in this position, I can offer advise on whether you actually might need to seek alternative representation, or if you should just reform from the inside.  I will not, I repeat, WILL NOT, advise anyone on how to decertify your union.  If you want to do that, you probably need the kick in the pants listed on number 5.  Even a terrible union is better than no union at all.  If you desire assistance on this subject, please email me at unionanswers@gmail.com.

5. How To Give Your Union A Much Needed Kick In The Pants - If you just need help giving a wake up call to your union, I have a proven track record of this sort of activity.  From raising hell at your union office, to crashing staff meetings(sort of an internal union march on the boss), I can advise you on various courses of action.  Just email me at unionanswers@gmail.com

If you need help with any issues not listed above, please send an email to unionanswers@gmail.com

Another invaluable resource is the Association for Union Democracy.

 Together, we can reform our movement!

In Solidarity,


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