Saturday, February 19, 2011

60,000 in Wisconsin

Apparently, Madison Police now estimate the crowd at the state capitol at 60,000.  As I said earlier, because of the implications this has for both public and ultimately, private sector employees, this is the biggest direct labor struggle in several decades.  Every labor organization I can think of is coming together to fight this battle.  From the AFL-CIO, to Change to Win, from UE, to IWW, labor is united once again.  I think it's overdue, but a great sign nonetheless.

It's not just labor this time either.  Religious groups and community action groups are coming together to stand in solidarity with their friends and neighbors in Wisconsin.  If you are anywhere near Madison, please consider going to the capitol.  If you are out of the area, please contact your legislators and ask them to publicly stand up for the good folks in Wisconsin.

In Solidarity,


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