Union Buster Database (Wall of Shame)

The following is an ongoing list of individuals who make their living by harassing, intimidating, and outright lying to workers who want to form a union. This list is by no means comprehensive, so if you know of a worthy candidate, please use the contact form on the main page to submit them.

If unions are required to file public disclosures of their employees, union busting firms should not be able to hide in the shadows.

* denotes this person is a former union staff member/officer

Joe Brock - East Coast Labor Relations *
Salvatore Clemente - East Coast labor Relations *
Rebecca Smith - East Coast Labor Relations
Tim Hunt - East Coast Labor Relations *
Jon Burress - JDL Labor Relations *
Sean Osterberg - FWT, LLC
James C. Coward, Jr
Greg Hollen - GAF Materials Corporation

Littler Global - Firm that specializes in union avoidance.  Full Staff List

Greensfelder Law Firm - Union Busting Firm Full Staff List

Norman and Mary Rita Weissman - The Weissman Group

Sidney Austin LLP - Union Busting Firm  Full Staff List

Fisher & Phillips - Union Busting Firm Full Staff List

Porter/Wright - Union Busting Firm - Full Staff List

Denlinger, Rosenthal, and Greenberg - Ohio Based Union Busting Firm (Staff List Here)

The Burke Group - Union Avoidance Firm

This is an ongoing list, as this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Much more to come...

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