Friday, May 6, 2011

How Buying Pirated Movies Hurts Workers

I know we've all seen it - the guy selling DVDs that are still in theaters for $5.  It can be tempting to pay $5 instead of $6 - $12 at the movie theater.  Who cares, it's just taking money from the big corporate theaters who keep raising ticket prices, right?

Wrong.  Dead Wrong.

I have to be as clear as possible on this:  When you buy pirated movies or music, you are stealing money out of a union members wallet.  There is a huge misconception that it only affects the theater owners and studio corporations, but the truth is that who it really hurts is the IATSE film crew, or IBEW electrician, or Teamster or LIUNA laborer who has less work or a lower paycheck due to piracy.

When you put a human face on the so-called victimless crime of media piracy, you begin to realize that buying that pirated DVD is no different than walking into Best Buy, putting a DVD into your pocket, and walking out without paying.  It's that simple.

Back our union sisters and brothers in the film industry, and say something the next time you see one of your co-workers buying pirated merchandise.  Maybe they'll think twice the next time.

In Solidarity,


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