Friday, April 22, 2011

The Virtual Picket Line Meets the Actual Picket Line

A few weeks after moving to Huntington, WV, I discovered that United Steel Workers Local 721 has been on strike at the Braskem Steel Company in Kenova, WV, for over 7 months.  I finally got the chance to go out and show some solidarity this afternoon and walk the picket line for a little while. 

It struck me that these guys have been out on strike for nearly 8 months, and there has been no real mobilization of the labor community to put public pressure on management to settle the dispute.  The fellows I talked to all said they would much rather be inside the plant at work than on strike, but the company hasn't been willing to get serious about negotiating a contract. 

In case you are in the Tri-State area near Huntington, WV, you can come and join USW Local 721 24/7 at 200 Big Sandy River Rd in Kenova, WV.  We need to show some solidarity with our brothers at Braskem Steel.

Also, it's important to add that Braskem Steel is wasting a ton of money putting up scab workers in hotels in Kentucky.  Here are some pics I took today:

In Solidarity,


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