Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Back In Action

Over the last two years, my labor reporting has taken a back seat to parenting - we had zero children when I started this blog, we now have three - and working as a rank and file Teamster in an environment in which I often find myself in the position of fighting both management and my Local.  I know many Teamsters out there can empathize.

But I digress.

There is simply too much going on in the labor movement for me to not get back at it.  We have an administration headed by a man with a history of fighting unions in his business life, who openly support Right to Work Fire, and a Congress that has just introduced national RtW legislation.  This of course might become moot before it ever gets passed into law, as we have seen many states pass anti-union legislation, from the heart of United Mine Workers country in Kentucky, to the birthplace of the United Auto Workers in Michigan.  It would have been almost unfathomable ten years ago to think that Harlan County and the Motor City would be RtW, but here we are.

The labor movement has some long overdue soul searching to do on our next move.  I'll be reaching out to friends and leaders in the labor movement in the coming weeks to get their take on where we should go next, as well as offering my take on things.

In Solidarity,


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