Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Save Our Unions

Whenever I get a chance to alert people to a new publication that I believe is important to the future of the labor movement, I try to take it. Allow me to recommend Save Our Unions. 

Save Our Unions is the forthcoming book by veterans labor journalist Steve Early.  Early is a longtime labor activist, former staffer of many years with the Communication Workers of America, as well as the author of Embedded With Organized Labor, and Civil Wars in U.S. Labor.

In Save Our Unions, Early explores the history and future of rank-and-file movements in the labor movement as a whole, expounding on his thorough coverage of the rank-and-file struggle against SEIU in California in Civil Wars.

I've been perusing the advanced preview I was fortunate enough to get my hands on(one of the few perks in this labor of love) and I simply cannot wait until it hits the shelves.  Save Our Unions will be a godsend to any activist member, reformer, or anyone who just wants their union to act like a union and not just a lighter version of management.  This book will light a fire under you and get you ready to take your union back!

Until Save Our Unions hits the shelves, I recommend checking out Steve Early's last two books that are must reads for anyone who cares about the labor movement. You can find them here:

In Solidarity,

Joseph Riedel

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