Tuesday, May 25, 2010

AFL-CIO Endorses Meek Despite Crist Appeal

The Florida AFL-CIO has endorsed Kendrick Meek(D) in the Florida Senate race. The AFL-CIO endorsed Meek even though Governor Charlie Crist(I) made a personal appearance to ask for their endorsement.

I personally think the AFL-CIO made the wrong decision by endorsing a candidate who, in my opinion, is toast in this election. Crist will win this election, and the AFL-CIO could have benefitted in two different ways by giving Crist their endorsement.

1. Crist is running as an independent, but has been a lifelong Republican until his split last month. Like it or not, Crist will be the next US Senator from Florida. Had the AFL-CIO endorsed Crist, they would be in the position of backing a newly elected Senator when not many other organizations did.

2. Big Labor has gotten a well deserved reputation for only endorsing Democrats, and endorsing Crist would have helped them with their base in Florida.

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